Why a podcaster should set up a blog.

Every podcaster should set up a blog of their own.
Podcasters should set up a blog.
Every podcaster should set up a blog.

There are plenty of benefits that a blog can provide for each of your podcast episodes.

These days, podcasting has been gaining popularity all over again. Apple ensured that their users would have access to podcasts by adding the app in all of their devices through the new OS release. We are also seeing a change in scene as other operating systems like android now have apps that can play podcasts,making podcasts more accessible for smart phone users.

Blogging is here to stay.

While blogging seemed to be old fashioned, it is here to stay (for good). It is not considered a media revolution of the decade for nothing. Today, if you need to build any audience and want to make them come back, you will need to create a blog. This is true even for those creating podcasts who have listeners as audiences. Blogging makes it easy for your audience to find you on the massive World Wide Web.

Summary and transcript.

A blog is important in order to provide your listeners a summary and transcript of sorts. A summary is a paragraph or two of what your podcast episode was all about. If you have a guest for a certain podcast episode, it is also a great opportunity to give your listeners more information about your guest. When writing summaries, stick to at most two paragraphs. You can add more information if you plan to share a transcript or other notes.

SEO opportunities.

Blogging allows more SEO opportunities. When you write a summary, notes, or a transcript for your blog, try to incorporate some basic SEO. This will provide more opportunities for your blog to rank better in search engine results. Search engine work in a complex way in which they use the content of a web page to rank each website. Search engines will have more to look into and your blog will rank higher when you have a blog with good content.

More people prefer accessing a blog to listen to podcasts.

Half of your audience will listen to your podcast via your blog. This is an important fact that many expert podcasters support. Your blog will provide easy access for your listeners. While they may find your first podcast through iTunes, it is more likely that they will get the follow up podcast through your blog.

Blogging is a powerful and useful tool for every podcaster and marketer out there.

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