Where to get inspiration for new posts?


It’s okay to get stuck in a rut with something, especially if you are doing it constantly for years. You may have a great approach, a straight goal, but suddenly your brain refuses to provide you with the purpose of the unique texts.


Here are several techniques which you are free to handle for inspirational thoughts and to establish the content that will blow out of the water the readers and the search engines.


It’s OK to take a little pause.


If you are bored or unable to write any engaging pieces, then stop and take a break!

Move outdoors, take a breath of a fresh air and do not think about it for a moment.

Shut down the computer for a few hours and have a rest in order to come back with the feeling of relief and with inspiration for a fresh and incredible blog post.


Exceed the limits of the time.


Most online diaries are made in a synergy with the present times, like ‘September Favorites’ or ‘Leisure Time on This Weekend’ or ‘Current Daily Routine.’ Time shouldn’t hinder your creativity.

If you struggle for unique inspirational blog posts then try to recall a few moments from the past; cities that you have stayed at, maybe exotic food you have tasted, or the musical instrument you have played.

Another idea is to discuss the future; accomplishments you wish to achieve, aims for the next month/year or some extreme or crazy activities to try.


Be multi-faceted.


There is no need to sit and keep waiting for the incentive to come – you have to stand up and find the idea yourself.

Examine various recipes, check a released film or book, look around for current exhibitions in your town or challenge yourself. It’s almost impossible to guess where and when one might find a gem.

You can even go through the opponents’ sites, there is always a chance to find inspirational blogs, which can push the brain for a new design.


Communication and searching.


Sometimes, the perfect way to be stimulated is closer than we expect. Get in touch with your buddies, and family, who can give you with splendid ideas for the journal. It’s all about discussing anything with the people around you and analyze distinctive views instead of sitting for hours and self-chastise.


Above all that, also explore the network and write out several motivational lines, or google for the inspirational posters. You will be surprised how much the affirmative thinking is able to inspire you.


Listen to your gut instinct and be passionate.


Jeremy Raynolds, is a well-known blogger who has never had troubles with incentive and motive of writing texts, is the right example of our today’s theme. One of Jeremy’s leading motto is ‘Being prepared is the first step to succeeding.’ Regularly he makes one thing – the publication varied ideas into successful topics. He works for academic company – Edubirdy by helping others to create different content. He is full of new ideas and never run down of doing his job.


Christine Blythe A fifties' child, mom, wife, avid genealogy researcher, web contributor and author/owner of two blogs Empty Nest Ancestry, Feathering the Empty Nest, and our extensive family genealogy database site at Blythe Genealogy.

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