Typography mistakes to avoid on a website.

One of the most important aspects of website design is the typography. There are both good and bad font combinations and everyone starting to design their own website should be aware of the typography mistakes to avoid.
Typography mistakes to avoid on a website.
Typography mistakes to avoid on a website.

Building a website for your business?

Building a website for fun?

Maybe you are starting a new business and you are on the step of building your very first website?

Whatever your situation, building a website is a lot of work and can take a lot of time, brain work, skill, research and study sessions (especially if you are brand new to building websites).

No matter what you are going to use your website for, you probably want it to be clean, professional, unique, and interesting which means you may want to consider hiring or at least consulting a professional designer. Whether you hire a designer, or you decide to do the work on your own, you should be aware of the types of fonts there are and what sort of typography mistakes to avoid.

Here is a list of typography mistakes to look out for when building a website:

Avoiding the Little Details

The first typography mistake you want to avoid making on your website is to avoid the little details. Typography is about so much more than simply choosing a font family; did you know you can actually adjust the leading and or line-height if you wish? You can adjust tons of little details with different fonts and it is important not to avoid this fact when you are choosing the typography for your website.

Changing Fonts/Spacing/Sizes Randomly

Once you figure out how to change up your fonts it can be very tempting to mess around with all of them; don’t. The more fonts you have the more confusing and unprofessional your website will look. Have you ever seen a flyer with 10 different font styles? It does not look pretty and it really confuses people. Use one style of font for your headers and one other style for your body copy.

Not Staying Consistent

Not staying consistent with your font choices will confuse your readers and make your web pages look extremely messy and unprofessional. As stated above, you should probably choose two maybe three fonts to work with and that is all. You should have standard fonts, sizes and line heights for each part of your website text.

Being Afraid to Mix it Up

If you have used a Serif font for your headers, do not be afraid to mix it up and use a Sans-Serif font for your body copy. Just don’t switch between Serif and Sans-Serif within the same bodies of text. Don’t be afraid to mix it up because this could create a nice contrast within your website.

Once you have your typography mistakes cleared out of the way and you are on your way to designing a great, effective website, you may need to consider hiring a printing service so that you can print from your site for creating marketing materials and other reasons.

Printing companies are a great place to get started. Don’t forget to link your website with your social media accounts for a more modern look.

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