Too many plugins can damage your blog.

Too many plugins can damage your blog!

During several years of blogging, I have tried dozens of plugins. In the beginning, I could have as many as 20 plugins installed, and my only excuse is that I didn’t know any better. Why is having so many plugins installed a problem? Aren’t they supposed to be helpful to us bloggers? As much as plugins […]

Essential tips to improve web design.

How to install a WordPress theme using the WordPress admin interface.

Short and sweet: Here’s how to install a WordPress theme using the WordPress admin interface. To install a theme, simply download the zip file using the download link in the post for that theme. Once downloaded: Go to your WordPress Admin page: Hover over ‘Appearance’; Scroll down to and click on ‘Themes’; Select the ‘Install […]

Travel site.

Five examples using WordPress for mind-blowing travel sites.

If you want a true example of a versatile blogging platform, you don’t have to look any further than WordPress. While providing features that can be very standard, or more advanced for those seeking greater customization, it also offers the flexibility to be used effectively for any topic, including creating a mind-blowing travel site. WordPress […]

Do you need an SSL certificate for your WordPress website?

Recently, Google announced that their results will in future be weighted slightly by whether or not a site has a valid SSL certificate. I immediately panicked and started reading everything I could find about this issue online. There is no definite right or wrong answer to the question, “Do you need an SSL certificate for […]

Simple tutorial on how to use WordPress.

Simple WordPress Tutorial: Schedule posts and change URLs. An artisan cannot create his craft without tools. The same goes for search engine optimization. You must take advantage of any internet marketing tools available that can help you achieve your goals. WordPress is among the tools that can improve the online presence of your business website. […]