Direct mail for your online business.

Should you still be using direct mail for your ONLINE business?

As an online business owner, you are probably aware of various advertising methods such as banner ads, Google AdWords, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). These methods have one thing in common: they are online. But have you ever considered a traditional advertising method such as direct mail? Should you be using direct mail […]

Blogging success.

5 hot monetization ideas for your blog.

Monetization is an important topic that every blogger has to consider. Get the monetization strategy right, and you can triple or quadruple your income from your blog. Get it wrong, and your blog could be an unrewarding time-sink that brings pain and misery. Why monetize your blog? Isn’t that “selling out”?! Blogging and content marketing […]

link building

Top 3 advantages of search engines.

The internet has transformed the way things are done today. It is possible to find any kind of information you need and even make safe and secure purchases online without having to leave the comfort of your home – simply by taking advantage of these top 3 advantages of search engines. by Jovia d’Sousa Considering […]

SEO scheduler software.

Breaking free with SEO Scheduler.

Most online companies find the majority of their time is spent performing SEO functions, taking away from the all-important tasks related to attracting, maintaining and keeping valued customers. SEO scheduler software is a perfect tool for finding a better balance between these tasks. With the growing reliance on technology, company websites have gone from being […]

Why a podcaster should set up a blog.

Every podcaster should set up a blog of their own. There are plenty of benefits that a blog can provide for each of your podcast episodes. These days, podcasting has been gaining popularity all over again. Apple ensured that their users would have access to podcasts by adding the app in all of their devices […]