Too many plugins can damage your blog.

Too many plugins can damage your blog!

During several years of blogging, I have tried dozens of plugins. In the beginning, I could have as many as 20 plugins installed, and my only excuse is that I didn’t know any better. Why is having so many plugins installed a problem? Aren’t they supposed to be helpful to us bloggers? As much as plugins […]

Simple tutorial on how to use WordPress.

Simple WordPress Tutorial: Schedule posts and change URLs. An artisan cannot create his craft without tools. The same goes for search engine optimization. You must take advantage of any internet marketing tools available that can help you achieve your goals. WordPress is among the tools that can improve the online presence of your business website. […]

Postrunner: Where Writers and Publishers Meet

Those who write or publish on the internet are always looking for ways to enhance their connections with each other. is one of the latest ways for writers and publishers to meet and form a writing/publishing connection. It’s also another outlet for search engine optimization that drives the progress of the written word on […]

What To Expect From Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the overall improvement of the visibility of the various web pages of a web site. This in turn helps to increase the chances of a website appearing more frequently in highest ranking on a search engine’s organic results. Any online based business or a business that […]