Beat writer's block.

5 Ways To Help Beat Writer’s Block

We’ve all been in this position, and I for one, find it extremely frustrating. I’ve actually been struggling with one of the worst bouts of writer’s block I’ve ever had and I intend to try all of these recommendations to beat writer’s block. I do, however, have one of my own that I use. I […]

Simple tutorial on how to use WordPress.

Simple WordPress Tutorial: Schedule posts and change URLs. An artisan cannot create his craft without tools. The same goes for search engine optimization. You must take advantage of any internet marketing tools available that can help you achieve your goals. WordPress is among the tools that can improve the online presence of your business website. […]

Postrunner: Where Writers and Publishers Meet

Those who write or publish on the internet are always looking for ways to enhance their connections with each other. is one of the latest ways for writers and publishers to meet and form a writing/publishing connection. It’s also another outlet for search engine optimization that drives the progress of the written word on […]

Electronics accessories can help the blogger on the go.

Among the electronics accessories that can help bloggers, are tablets such as iPad and Kindle, which are becoming the most used devices outside of work.  For many this is their first device.  Here are some cool accessories you might want to consider. Keyboard While you have a keyboard on the tablet sometimes it nice to […]

Using WordPress: Prioritize, analyze and be selective to get the best site.

No matter whether you’re an individual blogger or a large corporation depending on a website for online branding, price is always one of the largest considerations. Whether yours is an initial web design or redesign of an existing site, there are a number of factors contributing to the overall cost and these include website design, […]