Too many plugins can damage your blog.

Too many plugins can damage your blog!

During several years of blogging, I have tried dozens of plugins. In the beginning, I could have as many as 20 plugins installed, and my only excuse is that I didn’t know any better. Why is having so many plugins installed a problem? Aren’t they supposed to be helpful to us bloggers? As much as plugins […]

Blogging success.

5 hot monetization ideas for your blog.

Monetization is an important topic that every blogger has to consider. Get the monetization strategy right, and you can triple or quadruple your income from your blog. Get it wrong, and your blog could be an unrewarding time-sink that brings pain and misery. Why monetize your blog? Isn’t that “selling out”?! Blogging and content marketing […]

A clearlanding page that converts.

Making a landing page that converts.

Having a website that can perform for your business is important, and it all starts with a landing page that converts. Your online marketing team should know how to help you deliver these results, but if you are working alone then we would like to offer some helpful hints on increasing your conversions. First, we […]