SEO benefits of switching to the WordPress platform.

Whether you own a business with a website, an online blog or regularly report the news, your pages need to attract attention. The only way to draw visitors to your site is to ensure high rankings on Google search, and getting that recognition requires using SEO tactics.

A very effective approach involves constructing one or more pages on WordPress. Google is quite fond of WordPress. Bloggers to corporations worldwide enjoy the many features and benefits that the system provides.

Following are the SEO benefits of switching to the WordPress platform.


WordPress benefits.


WordPress is designed as a user-friendly platform that allows you to customize URLs, as well as add and edit backlinks.

Consider incorporating keywords into your URLs, which greatly helps to improve rankings. After creating pages or posts, be sure to categorize them.

Pages are easily interlinked in whatever configuration you choose.


Multimedia options.


More and more people are adding images and videos to their sites, attracting attention and quickly conveying the desired message to your viewers.

Add titles and keywords to your media to optimize SEO capabilities.


Automatic pinging.


Pinging is vital to websites as search engine spiders regularly monitor millions of sites – and yours is just one of those millions.

With WordPress, each time you update your pages, search engines receive pings that updates have occurred and require appropriate indexing.

In this way, your new content hits the Internet faster.


RSS feeds.


WordPress comes equipped with RSS feeds, which contain links to your pages, increasing your Google rankings. Additionally, when readers subscribe to your feeds, they receive notifications whenever you perform updates.


Comprehensive platform.


Unlike other sites, WordPress does not require the addition of HTML or FTP software.

Simply create your blogs or pages, format the text, add images and videos using the intuitive interface.

The site is designed for users of all experience levels and you need not be a coding expert to reap the benefits of WordPress.


User control.


Log in from any device having an Internet connection and manage your site.

WordPress is completely customizable without the need to work with sophisticated web designers to make updates.

You also have the option of scheduling your posts. Simply create content in advance and designate a schedule for release.

Add as many blogs or pages as you like. WordPress does not put limits on your content.


Blog-friendly features.


As WordPress was originally designed for bloggers, the platform contains a number of built-in capabilities.

Set up RSS/email subscriptions, receive comments and enjoy the fact that you have successfully extended your reach to audiences.

The ease and speed of adding content also saves time.


Plugin options.


Whether choosing to add a calendar, Facebook Fan Box or Twitter Feed, WordPress has various plugins available to users.

Many are free and others are designed to be affordable.

Just keep one thing in mind when using plugins – they have a negative effect on page speed, which is a key factor used by Google for rankings. Ask yourself if you really need that plugin before installing it.


Multiple use advantage.


If you own a business with employees, as the designated administrator, you can provide multiple individuals with permission to post blogs, news briefs, product updates or other content.

Merely assign various levels of access and capabilities to each new user.




Small, medium and start-up businesses often do not have the finances to establish and maintain expensive domain sites. This is not a problem for WordPress users. The content managing system is designed to be budget friendly.


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