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Here are my general guidelines for working with sponsors, advertisers and media.

Honesty is the best policy.

  • My reviews are 100% true and honest. I do not review products or services that I have not used or had experience with. Therefore, if you’d like me to review your product, be sure to send me one – or two. If you do send me more than one, I will do a giveaway to draw more attention to the review and your product(s).
  • My reviews are honest and balanced. No product can ever be all bad, so even if there are negative aspects to the product, I will also discuss and highlight the positives. I am not here to ‘sell’ products or services, but to inform my readers in a fair and balanced way. After all, trust is the basis of any sound relationship and my readers’ trust in me and my word can only be good for you and your product. I have been and always will refuse any offers that insist on a positive review and do not allow me that discretion.

Other policies that come a close second, third….

  • My blogs have a site-wide disclosure policy linked in the menu. If I write about a product, there is a likelihood that I received one for free if I don’t say otherwise. I do, however, review products I have purchased myself, and I love writing about my experiences. If you see a review of your product or service and are appreciative, a donation through paypal is always welcome. Just send it to the email address below.
  • I do not accept cash for post reviews. If you want an actual detailed review, just send me one or two of the items at no cost to myself. If, however, you’d like me to write a descriptive or public information post about your product or service, I do expect to be paid for them. Feel free to contact me about rates and terms. As mentioned above, donations in recognition of my efforts on the blogs are always welcome and appreciated.
  • I am also a member blogger with and, frequently writing sponsored posts where I consistently achieve a 30% to 40% click through rate on the sponsored posts I write.
  • I hold 100% of the control of my blogs, reserving all rights and copyrights.

Site Stats

  • Age online: 3 years
  • Number of posts: 625
  • Number of comments: 110

In addition to the specific site stats, all my sites are linked to my social sharing accounts as follows:

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  • Geographic: Mostly USA, then Canada, then all others follow.
  • Demographic: Mostly 25 years to 45 years.


Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


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