Graphic design basics

Basics of graphic design.

What are some of the basics of graphic design? Starting Your Design Adventure   Advice for Design Beginners When you finish high school and have that diploma in hand, you will also need some essential tools to make your graphics design adventure a successful one. Some adventures require you to do some research and careful […]

Google SEO.

SEO benefits of switching to the WordPress platform.

Whether you own a business with a website, an online blog or regularly report the news, your pages need to attract attention. The only way to draw visitors to your site is to ensure high rankings on Google search, and getting that recognition requires using SEO tactics. A very effective approach involves constructing one or more […]

Windows 10

9 graphic design trends of 2015.

The first mainstream example of the new graphic design trends of 2015 is the newly released beta version of Windows 10 and the new windows browser beta known as the Spartan Project. I am in the fast ring of those previewing Microsoft’s new software, operating system, browser, etc. and recently starting testing the operating system […]