5 great tips for media kit digitization.

Whether you’re looking to provide journalists with easily accessible information about your brand or attract potential advertisers, having a digital media kit is a smart idea. What Exactly Is a Digital Media Kit? If you remember back in the day when PR folks would print their press kits, you already understand what a digital media […]

Direct mail for your online business.

Should you still be using direct mail for your ONLINE business?

As an online business owner, you are probably aware of various advertising methods such as banner ads, Google AdWords, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). These methods have one thing in common: they are online. But have you ever considered a traditional advertising method such as direct mail? Should you be using direct mail […]

Too many plugins can damage your blog.

Too many plugins can damage your blog!

During several years of blogging, I have tried dozens of plugins. In the beginning, I could have as many as 20 plugins installed, and my only excuse is that I didn’t know any better. Why is having so many plugins installed a problem? Aren’t they supposed to be helpful to us bloggers? As much as plugins […]