Hats of a writer.

The varied hats of a creative writer.

As a professional writer you get lots of advice. Some things stick and become daily habitual use, while others fly out the window, never to be seen again.   Creative hat.   One of the greatest tips I ever received, and use every day, is how to write with a creative hat. Now, this isn’t […]


5 great tips for media kit digitization.

Whether you’re looking to provide journalists with easily accessible information about your brand or attract potential advertisers, having a digital media kit is a smart idea. What Exactly Is a Digital Media Kit? If you remember back in the day when PR folks would print their press kits, you already understand what a digital media […]

5 common web content mistakes to avoid.

5 common web content mistakes you cannot afford to make.

  Producing solid content is one of the most powerful online marketing techniques available to businesses today, but how many of us actually take full advantage?   According to research, the most well-performing B2B content-marketers direct a bigger chunk of their budget (42 percent) into their content marketing, a stark contrast to the 28 percent […]

Writing tips

Best tips for improving your writing skills.

  Whether you consider yourself to be a skilled writer or you dread reaching for the keyboard, writing probably plays a critical role in your daily work. You may not be authoring articles for professional journals, but you probably have to create emails, memos, reports, and other items that require some writing skill.   Here […]

Article writing tips and tricks.

Article writing tips and tricks.

  Overcoming writer’s block.   Being a high school student with an assignment or essay due, there’s always a feeling of alarm and panic when it comes to even contemplating doing it. It’s almost like all those years of schooling have been in vain and you can’t even put a meaningful sentence together let alone a complete […]