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Blog Advertising Store doesn't pay it's bloggers.I have three blogs: Feathering the Empty Nest (this one), Empty Nest Genealogy, and Empty Nest Themes.

I enjoy blogging. One of the goals of my blogging is to achieve an income eventually, one that will help out when my husband and I retire in about eight years. What a dream – a portable income to supplement our retirement, no matter where we go or for how long.

The most productive ways of making an income blogging are google adsense, link placement and display advertising. I think of these as more ‘passive’ methods as they required little effort once placed and provided an ongoing income.

The more work intensive method of producing income, and one I do a lot of, is writing paid blog posts. I take pride in the fact that I do a great job and I’m very choosy about the jobs I take. I’m very careful to maintain a fairly small percentage of paid posts, so I will only take jobs where I can write an ‘honest’ post that ties into the theme of my blog. I have actually developed an ongoing relationship with particular advertisers such as Zenni Optical because I have become a customer as a result of my blog posts – and a very satisfied one at that.

I am registered with several online blog advertising companies who manage the offers, money and payouts. Some of these, in order of my personal preference and showing my rating on a scale of 1 to 10, include:

Pay per Post

This is my favorite. I receive offers regularly and I have full control of my price. I started at a lower rate in the beginning, but began getting so many offers that I increased my rate. Very quickly, I was able to start being choosy about the offers I accepted and for which blogs. There was even a misunderstanding with one advertiser, Zenni Optical, where one of my posts was rejected outright for a missing hyperlink. At first I was upset, but after checking into it, I realized that the link color of the theme was too close to the text color and didn’t stand out. I’ve since corrected this issue and have received new assignments from this advertiser. Another point to watch out for with Pay per Post is making sure all links are ‘no follow’. I have had issues with this in the past where some plugins I’ve used have automatically set links as ‘no follow’. Luckily, Pay per Post was very understanding in these situations and I was able to correct it and resubmit the post. Be careful what plugins you use as they can adversely affect your paid posts – and not all advertisers are this understanding or accommodating. They are very prompt with payment when it’s requested.


Linkworth is also one of my favorites. This is a full range advertising ‘agency’ offering several types of opportunities: paid posts, links, display advertising, link muras, and bulletin board pages. I can’t speak to the majority of these as the only products I have taken advantage of are the paid posts and paid links. Linkworth has an automatic placement setup that can be very confusing. I had to contact support several times to figure out how to go about it. I still hesitate to venture into some of the areas they offer simply because I don’t know how. As with the companies above, Linkworth is very efficient at managing the funds and payouts. I only wish there were more opportunities to work with this company.

Social Spark

This is an affiliate site to Pay per Post. Everything that applies to Pay per Post as far as paid posts go also applies here. Social Spark also offers other income generating programs for the blogger as well. These include Casting Calls (applying for exclusive paid posts based on specific requirements), social media posting and Deals (placed advertising). The opportunities here are not nearly as numerous as with Pay per Post, but this company is just as great to work with.


The only reason LinkVehicle doesn’t have an ’8′ or ’9′ rating is because I’ve had very few assignments for them. With very little on which to base an evaluation and because I only recently signed on with their service, I look forward to many more assignments. I do, however, like what I’ve seen and experienced so far. This company offers paid link insertion on the blog. The setup is a little confusing, but not so difficult that it discouraged me from working with this company. Their support is very easy to deal with and they have been very helpful any time I’ve had questions.


This was the very first company I dealt with and I was so excited to get my first paid post offers. They manage the program very well and they are easy to contact if one has questions – needless to say I had plenty as a first-time paid blogger. The assignments provided by Blogsvertise are not as well paid. I don’t have control of the price demanded by my blog and therefore I tend to take less offers here. However, I will jump on any offers that specifically apply to the theme of my blog. Who can beat increasing appropriate blog content and getting paid for it?

Sponsored Reviews

The premise for this service is a good one, but the method of delivery is very flawed. I was very excited when I originally signed on with Sponsored Review because this was one of the few companies offering full control of price, etc. to the blogger. However, I no longer even check in with this site because it is so work intensive just looking for opportunities. It’s not like the companies above where the company manages the offers, notifying the bloggers of requests for their blogs and leaving it up to the blogger to accept or decline. With Sponsored Reviews, it is up to the bloggers to scroll through an extensive list of post opportunities, spending a great deal of time, in order to just ‘bid’ on the offer. I realized very quickly that I was just wasting my time, which was better spent pursuing opportunities elsewhere.

Blog Advertising Store

This is the worst company. The fact is that I’ve never been paid by Blog Advertising Store for my work over the last year. Their terms state that they will automatically pay out when $100 is reached. From the beginning, I regularly logged on and took appropriate opportunities. About three months ago I decided to check my account and discovered I had reached the $100 level three months previously. I sent an email at that time asking why payment hadn’t been made and got no response. Again, I emailed about payment one month ago as my balance had reached almost $200 and again got no response. I recently stopped taking opportunities from this site as it became apparent that I was not going to be paid for my work. I deleted all posts I had done for this company. Two days ago, I emailed again, asking for payment and again I got no answer. So, yesterday I sent a final email informing them that I have quit the site completely but that I would still like to be paid for my work – which has been considerable. Lo and behold, I awoke to a response – a very mean spirited one at that – informing me that I will not be paid for any of my work because I had deleted the posts. Advertisers, be warned that this company is not legitimate and does not pay the bloggers. Please sign on with a reputable company such as those mentioned above and I and other bloggers will work hard to provide you with a quality product.

Other Companies

There are several other companies offering income opportunities for bloggers that I have never registered with. I do intend to eventually sign on with and try every one of them. In the meantime, I hope the evaluations I’ve provided above will help bloggers and advertisers choose the best companies to deal with.

To all paid blog advertising companies, the features and services I appreciate and look for the most are email notifications of assignments, accurate record keeping and prompt payment, and prompt quality support that is easily accessed.

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