Christine Blythe A fifties' child, mom, wife, avid genealogy researcher, web contributor and author/owner of two blogs Empty Nest Ancestry, Feathering the Empty Nest, and our extensive family genealogy database site at Blythe Genealogy.

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Make your video content work harder for you..

Make your video content work harder for you.

  Since making a video requires a significant amount of investment in time and money, it is essential that your video work hard to achieve a sizable return.   Many companies post videos on t

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Infographic: Choosing the ideal blogging platform for your needs.

  We live in an amazing time where anyone who wants their thoughts to be heard or wishes to share their knowledge can start a blog. Even if they don’t have any money for hosting, there are plen

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SEO for your blog content.

7 steps to SEO for your blog content.

  Nowadays, more and more people are doing business online. If you are one of them, chances are you know and appreciate the importance of blogging.   However, what you may not know is how to

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