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Overcoming writer’s block.


Being a high school student with an assignment or essay due, there’s always a feeling of alarm and panic when it comes to even contemplating doing it. It’s almost like all those years of schooling have been in vain and you can’t even put a meaningful sentence together let alone a complete rational set of ideas.

There are sudden rushes of ideas and opinions, but you have no idea how to structure them properly. Your sense of expression has suddenly come to a halt and you’re all at sea as to how to get your ideas laid down on a piece of paper.

We have tried to jot down and elaborate a writing guide that might turn the odds in your favor and provide you with the essay hacks to earn that immensely sought after A Grade.


Brain storming: Get your ideas out there.


The first step to writing an essay is to think about what you are writing.

If you haven’t been provided with a topic, it is best to choose something that resonates well with your prefences and interests; something that inspires you to write.

Researching and writing about something you are actually interested in will make this less of an academic chore and you’d actually enjoy doing it.

If you have already being assigned a topic, then get on with it. Analyze the topic from different points of view.

Develop your argument.

Then think of the possible questions that might be asked to refute such an argument. It’ll give you starting a starting point to get on with the research you need to undertake for this essay.


Do your research.


Research is one of the most important elements of writing an essay. This is the part that will help you strengthen your argument or change it on discovery of some new piece of information that you weren’t aware of earlier.

For research purposes, make sure you cite reliable sources. The authenticity of the sources will make or break your argument.

For instance, use peer reviewed papers, government publications or statistical analysis to beef up your argument.


Essay hooks.


An essay hook, as is evident from its name, is a few introductory sentences designed to keep your target audience hooked and wanting to read on.

Essay hooks are usually placed in the beginning of the essay or article to capture the attention of the reader. For this reason, they are also referred to as baits.

For instance, start with the question you think the reader would be most interested in finding the answer to.

For example, in this article, I started off by making it relatable to high school students in particular.

You found yourself hooked and wanting to read more – right?

That’s why it is very important to know the main tips to writing an article like a pro.


Sketch an outline: a draft.


Sketch an outline.

This will help determine the final shape and structure of your essay or article. This is where you decide how to structure your researched ideas.

An ideal approach would be to start off with an essay hook, introduce your argument, cite your sources strengthening the argument, ask possible questions, address them and finally write a conclusion that summarizes everything addressed in the article while being backed up by substantive evidence.

During the course of sketching an outline, you’ll identify possible areas of deficiencies you need to work on and the editing required before its submission.


Get the self-review threat out of the equation.


No matter how many times you read and revise your essay or article, there is always the looming threat of self-bias, resulting in you overlooking your written mistakes or irrationality in development of arguments.

It is always a good idea to get it reviewed by a peer who might help you identify such deficiencies.

A good piece of writing requires several revisions and edits before it’s finalized.


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