A 10 Year Old Puts Me to Shame…

 A 10 year old creates an amazing WordPress plugin.

Wordpress Logo SquareI’m an avid computer user, blogger and WordPress theme designer. In the past, I have made my living through my own brick and mortar business by using my computer, web design and graphic design skills.

Unfortunately, I’m in my 50′s and my skills are decidedly ‘old school’ – html coding and very little ‘css’, ‘php’, etc.

Then I read today about 10 year old Jesse Friedman who, after recently attending WordCamp Philly, set to work writing his very first plugin.

His plugin allows the user to view a preview of their site via a dashboard widget. I’m sure this added skill has set him on a lucrative course using his design and coding skills. More power to him.

In my case, however, I’ve been very resistant to learning new skills, relying on the old ones I’ve been using for years. I’ve decided to make every attempt possible to learn more and advance my present skills.

I’m not sure how much or how quickly I’ll learn, but I will take advantage of every opportunity to try new things.

I may be in my low-50′s, but I ain’t dead yet…

…and these added skills can only help in my favorite pursuits.

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