6 free website building platforms that are extremely easy to use.

When I needed a quick, easy, and professional looking website for a business that I was starting, I had a heck of a time trying to figure it out. I spent a lot of time and put in a lot of energy creating my website, making it easy to use, and making sure that everything looked good on the page that would appear on a computer screen as well as a phone screen. I couldn’t help but think that there must be an easier way for a non-coding business owner to build a website that is both professional and polished.

I have done a bunch of research since then and I have found the following six free website building platforms that are extremely easy to use.


  1. Wix

Wix is a very user friendly website building platform.

You sign up for an account and most websites are free to make.

The way you create your site is you pick a layout that you like and that is relevant to your business. Simply add click where their text is and add your own. Also, upload your own photos into the spaces provided.

You can change the text, colors, move things around and resize things as needed.


  1. Weebly

This is an extremely easy to use site.

You can add pictures, videos, RSS feed, social media like buttons, maps, text and many other things by simply dragging and dropping them into the space where you want them.



  1. Simbla

Simbla is a great tool while website building.

It is fully responsive so it adjusts your website to a tablet or a phone on its own, no additional tweaking needed. Very easy user interface that requires no coding knowledge whatsoever.



  1. Mozello

This site building platform is great for quick set up of minimalistic webpages.

Very simple and user friendly interface that provides mobile-ready web design templates. In addition, it includes an editor that can be accessed from a computer and a mobile device while keeping full functionality.



  1. Webnode

This gives a tool that creates professional websites easily with a personal domain name for free.

Great user interface that is easy to operate and create expert looking pages with. All sites are built automatically for easy viewing on mobile devices with no advertising. A nice webpage can be built in as little as five minutes.



  1. Livecity

This website builder has hundreds of quality website design templates that are easily customizable and extremely user friendly.

No previous coding knowledge requires simply drag and drop. Templates are easy to add content to and make your own. You can build your website and share it with your customers as a downloadable mobile app. This is extremely convenient for both you and your customers.

As you can see there are many great options to create a free and professional website for both computer and mobile device users. It is essential to have a website for a business in this day and age and thanks to these great website building platforms, it’s easy and free to create one.



Nicole Stansley

Nicole Stansley is a content strategist and writer for educational projects (i.e. Write My Essay).

She is also actively participating in the discussion club for students aiming to help them with questions of productivity, motivation, career choices etc.


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