5 great tips for media kit digitization.

Whether you’re looking to provide journalists with easily accessible information about your brand or attract potential advertisers, having a digital media kit is a smart idea.

What Exactly Is a Digital Media Kit?

If you remember back in the day when PR folks would print their press kits, you already understand what a digital media kit is. Just take that paper press kit and put it online, and voila! You’ve got it.

But wait. We’re not done yet. Let’s look at some clever strategies that will make your media kit top-notch.

1. Decide What You Want to Focus On

Your media kit should tell the story of your brand. Now, the whole story of your company might be a 200-page tome, so it’s important that you narrow it down to one slice.

If you’re trying to appeal to tech journalists, for example, the story might be your skyrocket to success, or how you got funded within nine months. If you’re aiming to attract advertisers, it might be your super-engaged audience.

It’s better to go deep than broad in telling your story through your media kit. [read more]

Source: 5 Tips to Digitizing Your Media Kit | Cision


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