5 factors that will hinder you from ranking highly on Google.

Seo is a very big investment with a very high reward on investment (ROI).

By ranking No. 1 on a very high searched buyer keyword, a business stands a chance to make huge sales on auto-pilot without lifting a finger.

Here is a rundown of possible reasons why your seo efforts are not bearing fruits.


High competition.

Competitor analysis can give you a glimpse on how tough ranking a keyword can be and an estimated amount of time and budget needed to execute such SEO project.

If the competition is week, it may require less time and money to rank but if your competition is strong like fortune 500 companies, then am afraid it will take more time and budget to get to the front page of SERP.


New domain.

If your domain is brand new, it will take time for you to start seeing the effect of any seo efforts you put in.

Google tends not to trust new domain and will not attribute to them the right value of any SEO juice you point to it.

Another reason why new domains perform poorly is because they don’t yet have anchor test diversity which will greatly affect them.

The older your domain becomes, the more anchor test diversity it gets and the more trust it will get from Google.


Low SEO budget.

Budget plays significant role in determining how long your SEO effort will take before it will begin to yield results. Your budget also determines the quality of the seo service you will receive.

If you have a very small budget and you are trying to rank your website on a medium or high keyword, it will take eternity before you will see results on such a small seo budget.

However, if your SEO agency promises you high rankings on such a small budget run away with your money and save yourself headache in the future because what you will get with such a small budget is nothing but automated link building that will destroy your rankings and reputation with Google in the long run.


Poor website on site optimization.

There is one major reason why Google made mobile site and speed a ranking factor. That is to give users a better experience.

If your website suffers from poor users’ experience, no matter how many quality backlinks you point to it, it will find it difficult to make it to first page of SERP.

Other poor onsite optimization that will hinder your site is placement of target keywords in your content and how engaging your content is to the end user.


Over use of target keyword and commercial keywords as anchor text.

Google launched Penguin to counter SEO tricks that that spam them with low quality and spammy links.

One of the triggers of Penguin is when you use too much exact phrase or commercial keywords as anchor test.

Exact phrase anchors are keywords you are targeting or the exact phrases people are using to search for your product or services online.

Using exact phrase keyword is good as it will push your keyword higher the Google ladder than any other anchor phrase.

But over using this strategy will trigger Google penguin penalty against your website.

It is highly advisable to keep your exact phrase anchor to just 1% to be on the saver side of penguin.


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Obinna Ibemere is a real estate seo expert with realtymarketingtool. He specialize in rendering seo services to real estate agents, brokers, teams and any real estate professionals.



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