Where to get inspiration for new posts?

Where to get inspiration for new posts?

  It’s okay to get stuck in a rut with something, especially if you are doing it constantly for years. You may have a great approach, a straight goal, but suddenly your brain refuses to provide you with the purpose of the unique texts.   Here are several techniques which you are free to handle […]

Hats of a writer.

The varied hats of a creative writer.

As a professional writer you get lots of advice. Some things stick and become daily habitual use, while others fly out the window, never to be seen again.   Creative hat.   One of the greatest tips I ever received, and use every day, is how to write with a creative hat. Now, this isn’t […]

Graphic design basics

Basics of graphic design.

What are some of the basics of graphic design? Starting Your Design Adventure   Advice for Design Beginners When you finish high school and have that diploma in hand, you will also need some essential tools to make your graphics design adventure a successful one. Some adventures require you to do some research and careful […]